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Defender Pro Ultimate is made with the customer in mind and offers much more than a simple antivirus solution
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6 January 2015

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If you have ever looked for a comprehensive software that could guarantee your security and free you from spam and protect your privacy then you should immediately get hold of the Defender Pro Ultimate 17.0.52 application. It encompasses a cutting edge antivirus feature that is equipped to handle nearly all viruses in vogue today besides being capable of detecting emerging threats. Further it includes a Firewall to prevent directed attacks from compromising your system and it can also jazz up the performance of your PC.

The Defender Pro Ultimate 17.0.52 sports a stylish dark colored interface that is easy to get a grasp off. Major options are available in the main panel and you can choose to start with say the Antivirus or Firewall feature as per your need. It is also rather apt in detecting sneaky spyware programs and keyloggers without much ado. The application can protect you from even the most sophisticated phishing attacks and can bring to your notice hidden hyperlinks. Also it can help protect your privacy when you interacting on a social network sites and warns you against mischievous plug-ins. With this tool in place you can converse securely with your friends over Internet Messengers. When it comes to fighting spam, the application uses a highly intuitive algorithm to trace and block spam emails. In contrast to other antivirus applications which typically slow down your PC, this application instead comes with features to speed up your system. Further the application despite its expansive scope goes easy on your system resources.

Just by looking through its rich feature set, we are quite certain that nothing save a full score of five rating stars is enough to justify the utility of Defender Pro Ultimate 17.0.52 application. The fact that it performs flawlessly adds to our belief in this versatile application.

Publisher's description

Defender Pro Ultimate is an antivirus and online security software solution that provides the ultimate security solution for every PC user. Defender Pro Ultimate, is much more than a simple antivirus program, as it offers customizable features to each user to help protect and defend the user and their computer in a variety of situations, including Internet browsing, social media networks, and cloud based storage solutions. Working quietly in the background, our suite is constantly updating to ensure proper protection from evolving online threats.
Defender Pro Ultimate offers the end user the following benefits:
Defender Pro's anti spy software helps to protect you and your personal information and online activities. The system helps to ensure that your online activities are blocked from concealed programs that track your personal information. Defender Pro Firewall acts as a barrier that helps to monitor traffic between your computer and the outside world, preventing undesired access to your computer.
Ensuring the best hardware operation and speed is easy with Defender Pro Ultimate Security. With embedded tools that help to optimize and maximize your PC's performance and longevity, tuneup is exactly the boost your computer needs in order to help you get the job done.
Defender Pro's parental controls keeps your children safe by monitoring their activity while they are online. Protect what matters most.
Through a combination of Defender Pro features including Defender Pro firewall, antivirus, anti spam, IM encryption, anti phishing and privacy controls, you can safely surf the internet and communicate via email and instant messaging without providing confidential information to other parties.
Defender Pro Ultimate
Defender Pro Ultimate
Version 17.0.52
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